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10/5/13 Hey everyone just thought I would say thank you to everyone who has dropped by and taken a look at my art.  Going to try to get the one I’m working on now finished I hope to have it posted in a day or 2.  Maybe even by Sunday!  Hope you all have a great weekend have a great day!!!  If anyone has any questions as to my process feel free to ask. No secrets here!

9/24/13 As Christmas gets closer you might think of getting that special someone a portrait!  I do commissions.  Usually on 14X17 Strathmore Bristol Vellum.  How cool will it be on Christmas day to have a portrait under the tree!  Keep it in mind and get in early because it takes me at least 20 hours to do a portrait.

9/17/13  Well looks like I have another commission lined up!  Yay!!  A friend from Facebook has decided to have me do a portrait of her daughter.  I can’t wait to get started.  This is the 5th commission that I have gotten from FB.  Not bad considering that I really don’t advertise or push my works there.  Hope you all are doing well and, Keep a sharp point on that pencil!  Peace!

9/14/13 I would like to reply to a few of my comments in this blog.   I have been asked what pencils, erasers, etc. that I use.  As for the pencils I use mechanical/clutch pencils.  I use them over wood pencils because they are always the same length and always the same weight.  I use Turquoise Prismacolor Drawing Leads in various hardness.  I use Blu-tack and kneaded erasers.  I really like Blu-tack and use it as my primary eraser.  I really like Moo erasers too.  I use my Mono Zero eraser which if very fine tipped for a lot of my hair work.  I use an electric eraser for some things too.  But don’t use it all that much.  I like to use powdered graphite and a soft nylon brushes (of various types),  These make it easy to cover a lot of area.  It lessens the pencil marks and shine as well.  I use Strathmore Bristol Vellum for my paper.  Usually 300 series as well as their Windpower.  I am experimenting with YUPO “paper” which is actually plastic.  I will be posting a drawing using it very soon.  I have one of a glass of whiskey that I used YUPO for.  You can see it on my “Things and Stuff” page.  If you have any other questions or want some tips and tricks feel free to leave a comment!  Thanks for looking!  Peace!


I have been working a normal (non-art) job for almost a year now…Drawing has slowed down a lot.  But I have been doing many commissions.  Let me know if you would like me to do a drawing for you.  I still come home many nights and draw as much as I can.  Hope you are all doing swell…thanks for your support!


Just dropping in to perhaps highlight one of my recent drawings…


Happy new year to all!!  Well a new year is upon us.  I hope to bring you many new and interesting drawings.  Please check back often!!




SMILE mousepad
SMILE by HumblePencil
View more mousemats on zazzle


Great time had at the Balloon Fiesta.  Currently working on a portrait of a local musician that has been around for a long time..  His name is Lewie Wickham.  Our family has followed him for many years.  Great guy with some amazing stories! You can youtube him and see some of his works.  Have a good one!!


Thank you all for your support and for your views!  Means so much to me that you are in the least interested!


Well, no awards for the State Fair.  But I did get something in, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself.  I have a drawing up for bid on the UNM silent auction at the moment.  Trying to get the name out there.  Almost finished with my Trout drawing then on to my portrait of Lewie Wickham.  Peace to all ya’ll!!


Any Prints 5X7 Limited Edition, Signed, Shipped, to your door anywhere in the continental US $15.00…Below are some of the prints…The dollar bill is just for scale… I will do commission works as well…your photo into a work of art…  Interested?  Message me and I will work out the details…Paypal preferred!

For Sale


Tomorrow is the awards and open house for the New Mexico State Fair Fine Arts exhibit.  Hope I win something and if not maybe I will sell my work!


I was told yesterday that out of 4000+ entries 600 people are showing their “Fine Art” at the New Mexico State fair..and one of my drawings made it.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  I am excited to see the entries.  Will be able to do so on the 8th of September, when they are having open house and award ceremonies.  More on this later!!


Well I entered 4 drawings in the New Mexico State Fair and I just found out that they only accepted one…and not the one I thought…I felt that it was one of my weakest drawings that I submitted…oh well, at least I have one drawing in there…Now to see what happens…  here is the one they accepted…

Spider Rock


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