My name is Stan Wight and I am a graphite Artist living in New Mexico.  My company name is Humble Pencil.  Interested in commissions or prints of my drawings? Please contact me!!  Prints- Matted, signed, limited editions, originals!

The pencil is a humble thing. But a very powerful tool. With words a pencil can move nations. With a pencil I can bring beauty to a white piece of paper. With a pencil I can evoke Love, Hate, Happiness, Sorrow. I can turn it upside down and erase all that too. All this I can do with a Humble Pencil.

I have been in love with black and white photography since I was a young boy. It used to blow my mind that such beauty could be made from just 2 colors in various shades. Since then I have picked up the pencil as my medium of choice. It still amazes me that I can make such images as I do with just the white of the paper and the black of the pencil. I like to study a photograph or scene for a long time. Then I can start to feel it in my hands, what it would be like to draw it. That is when I know that it is time to let my pencil loose and sing.

I live in the beautiful Southwestern United States, where culture and beauty surround me constantly. I draw from the experiences of growing up in this area. I love to draw portraits mainly. The faces of people never cease to fascinate me. The lines, furrows, hair all speak volumes to me without words. But I also love to draw other things I see around me. Animals, scenery from around the area that are close to my heart. I also love to draw commissions. Things that people hold near and dear to their hearts that make them smile in remembrance, perhaps of a past loved one or a child or precious pet. It brings me joy to produce something that will last for many, many years, and to know that it brings happiness to that person. It’s a great feeling!

This is why I draw! My Humble Pencil and I.

My first competition!

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